The Godly Home Series by Denny Kenaston

I have known Denny Kenaston since my first day of college at Hyles-Anderson College in 1976.  When I joined the Bus Ministry there, he was the head of Division Number One.  I wrote the theme song for that division and not long afterward, he was promoted to head the whole “B” bus ministry where over 5000 children were brought to Sunday School every Sunday.  He was the most spiritual man I knew at the time and there was a time when I actually lived in his home for a brief time when we were between places to live.  I know him perhaps better than most and I know his demeanor of handling the home and of training children.  If there is anyone in America that can show by his life the results of a Godly home, it is Denny Kenaston.  He went off from our college days and lived among some of the Amish/plain clothes people.  I think that one reason was that he wished to live a simple life where he and his wife Jackie could raise their children on a farm and teach them old fashioned values.  Believe me, the results speak for themselves.  All his children are Godly examples of a Christian home and have married spouses of like faith and values.  Several of the older ones are serving God on the mission field as you will see by this first video.  Unfortunately his life was cut short at the age of only 63 by a brain tumor that took him home t0 heaven this past July 4, 2012.  I have looked at the picture album showing his declining condition and all the love and care friends and family gave him during the final days.  Some even came as far as Montana to pay their respects before he died.  He will be deeply missed by all who knew him and I feel that his teaching on the home is the best of any teaching in the world on the subject.  My goal is to show that “he being dead yet speaketh.”

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    30. Housholds on Fire by Denny Kenaston

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    The Duggar Family is an excellent source for the GODLY CHRISTIAN HOME.  

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