The following pages of this site have tremendous lessons for every Christian to grow in the Lord.  You should read every one and meditate on it with prayer and sincerity.  I studied these lessons when I first met my wife Jeanie 40 years ago.  They have been the root of my whole Christian life, more than all my Bible college studies.  This site has these lessons to make real Christians out of anyone who will read and learn.  The lessons can be found by holding your mouse over the link, “Born Again Lessons,” and all the lessons listed below will be available as a link to a page where you can read and grow as a Christian.  As new pages are added, we will add them here also as part of this list:

The first lesson is for anyone who has never accepted Jesus as their personal Savior, turning their life over to him and placing it into the hands of their loving Savior from sin.

See all the rest of the lessons by holding your mouse on “BORN AGAIN LESSONS” to see all the 36 lessons as on this graphic:

Written on March 20th, 2012

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